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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Provo! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Provo, UT. As the largest wildlife control company in the city, we are well positioned to provide fast and efficient animal removal services wherever you live, with a technician available to visit your home very quickly. Our family run and owned company has been providing great service with care and respect to our customers and the community for over ten years, and all of our staff take pride in the excellent customer care we provide. Our friendly telephone team can take your call 24/7, and can offer practical advice along with arranging for one of our technicians to visit your home. The first step that all of our technicians will take is to thoroughly examine the property, to ensure they can fully identify the problem, and find all of the spots the animals are using to get in and out. They can also provide a written quotation if required. They will talk you through their plan for dealing with the problem, and how to remove the pest animals. Along with removing the animals, we can also offer competitive repairs for any damage they have caused, along with removing any droppings and sanitizing the area to ensure you and your family are not at risk of catching any diseases. Call us now at 385-432-2190 for your Provo wildlife control needs.

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Provo Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Professional vs. DIY Utah Rat Control Methods - Which is Best for YOUR Situation?

Homeowners who are experiencing a Provo rat infestation will first try to do things themselves hoping that they can save a few cash. If they’ve tried everything but to no avail, that is the only time that they will seek the help of the experts. Usually, when they decided that they need the assistance of the experts, the rats have already caused a significant amount of damage to their home.

Why Should You Hire the Service of the Utah Professional?

Allowing the professional rat removal companies to do the jobs will give you an extra peace of mind. This is because they offer their works with guarantee. In case that will not be enough to convince you that hiring them is the better choice, we listed more reasons that will help you decide whether it is better to hire them or do things yourself.

Handling the Chemicals

Unlike the Provo pest control companies who will be more focused in using strong chemicals solution, the rat removal companies will offer a humane and safer method. However, when decontaminating your property, they might have to use potent cleaning solution to kill the stubborn pathogens such as the eggs of the roundworms. Those who lack the experience should not handle chemical since most of them can be corrosive to the skin. It is highly recommended to allow the professionals handle the chemicals.


With regards to the exclusion of Utah rats, some repellents that are sold in the market will not deliver a satisfying result. Some infestation (such as rats) will probably be resolved after a couple of years. Unfortunately, for homeowners that are experiencing a rat infestation you will need to act immediately in order to avoid costly repairs. Every minute that you wait can result to a disaster. The experts will be able to provide you a range of solutions that will not only suit your situation but also your budget.

Commercially-Available Products Won’t Work

If you think that the ultrasonic repellent or the strobe lights will work, think again. Numerous studies show how these machine deterrents will not deliver the result that you want. The rat removal experts have gone through an extensive and rigorous training that allows them to formulate the right solution for your rat infestation. They can present you various solutions and they will have the capacity to execute this at a timely manner. 

Staying Safe

Rats can carry a range of pathogens and parasites in their Utah body that can be transmitted to humans. This can cause diseases that can be lethal if not treated properly. Furthermore, they can attack you if they feel that they are threatened. In order to stay safe, allow the professional to handle your rat issues.

These are just few reasons why we are advising you to seek the help of the Provo professionals. They are better equipped and more knowledgeable compared to you with regards to rat infestation. They can ensure that your problem will be resolved completely and will prevent future infestation from occurring.