How Many Times Can Utah Skunks Spray? How to Remove the Smell if I Get Sprayed?

The Provo skunks are part of the family of weasel. They will vary in terms of their pattern and size. Generally, the average size of the skunk is just about the size of the common housecat. They can have the swirled, stripped, or the spotted pattern. The skunks will often create their nest inside their burrows. They will normally eat small rodents, eggs, larvae, worms, grubs, fish, plants, and insects. 

An Overview on the Spray of the Skunk

When they are hunting for their Utah food, it is not uncommon for a conflict to occur especially if there are other burrowing creatures in the area. They will then have to defend themselves from the dangers using their obnoxious smelling spray. Both male and female skunk has the ability to release this pungent spray. The skunks are known to be incompetent runner and poor fighter. In order to make up for it, they will heavily rely on their spray to protect themselves and their young ones.

Dangers of the Provo Skunk Spray

Actually, the spray of the Utah skunk poses no real threat to its victim. However, the scent is too powerful that it may cause temporary blindness. It is also extremely challenging to eliminate. The spray is made up of an oily liquid that is produced by the glands found underneath the tail of the skunk. The spray of the skunk can reach at least 10 meters and there are instances when they can even reach 20 meters but the accuracy will decrease. The skunk can also spray their skunk at about 6 times repeatedly. Once they fully discharge their spray, it will take 10 days before the spray has been resupplied. 

The limitation on their spray is one of the reasons why skunk will only release their spray when it is necessary. They will even make body movements as a warning sign that will give you enough time to keep away from the reach of their spray. Nonetheless, our pets may not be able to interpret those movements and will often be the victim of their nauseating spray.

Ways to Remove the Smell of the Spray

Using tomato juice to eliminate the scent of the spray will not be effective. Some Utah people will even recommend spraying yourself with lemon juice or orange citrus, but it will also not remove the irritating scent of the skunk spray. The best way to eliminate the scent is to create a mixture of Hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap, and baking soda. You will then use this to wash the body of the victim thoroughly.

Before spraying, the Provo skunk will warn their victim first. Some of the warning signs will include arching their back, raising their tail, foot stamping, and also hissing. For a healthy skunk, they will be able to reach you even if you are in a 15 meters distance. Even a baby skunk will be fully armed with a spray so be careful when interacting with them. Their spray can cause a burning sensation that can irritate your eyes and skin.

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