Will Provo Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices Work? How About Against Rodents?

Over the years, there has been an onslaught of new products in the Provo market that claims to have the power against various types of infestation. One of them would be the ultrasonic pest control. This machine releases a high pitch sound that the pest and nuisance creature may find intolerable. Unfortunately, it seems that simply plugging this device will not deliver your expected result. According to the various studies that aim to prove its efficacy, the result remains inconclusive and diverse. This means that you can’t use this as a quick solution to your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultrasonic Pest Control

In order to guide you in this product, we provided the answers to the common questions about this Utah device. This will help you create better decision and ensure that you are investing your money to the right solution.

How Does It Function?

Most of the ultrasonic pest control will release a high pitch sound that is not discernible by the human ear. Some people believe that some creature has an amazing hearing ability. They think that the high-pitch noise will be audible to them. They will find it irritating and will choose to flee the place. However, study shows that the hearing ability of the nuisance creatures is not better than human. The amount of data that pertains to the effectiveness of this gadget is also very minimal.

Is it Safe for Your Provo Pets?

Most of the ultrasonic pest control will release high frequency sound that is higher compared to the hearing capacity of our pets such as fish, birds, dogs, and cats. According to the manufacturer, it will generate a sound that can cover an area of 400sq. ft. While some people may call this sound, this is technically referred to as ultrasonic waves. The level of Khz sound that it will release will not affect our pets.

Will it Work against Utah Rodents?

When using this for rodent control, there are instances that the device provides a minimum amount of control and for only a short time. Time will come when the rodent will learn to adapt to this situation. They can also easily avoid this gadget. It has been proven that wildlife creatures can easily become accustomed to the repeated sounds. In addition, this device is considered as directional and will not have the capacity to penetrate solid objects. According to the studies, the strength of sound that it emits will decrease after 15 feet. 

It is not recommended to completely depend on ultrasonic devices when getting rid of the pest in your Provo house. There are humane methods that you can use to eliminate them effectively. Perhaps the best option is to hire the service of the wildlife removal professional. Their specialist will visit you and gauge the severity of your problem. They can also develop a range of treatment that has been proven scientifically in order to suit your needs. They can also provide recommendations and consultation that will help you stay away from future wildlife infestation.

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