How Do I Keep Foxes Away from My Utah House? Best Methods and Tricks!

Foxes are found in various parts of North America. The population of the Provo fox is continuously increasing due to the decrease and limitation on fur trade. Perhaps the most common type of fox that you will encounter would be the red fox. They are the usual culprit for killing the livestock and consuming resources. In case you encounter them in your community, you want to make sure that they will stay away from your house.

Ways to Keep Foxes off Your Property

For those who live in the rural Utah community, or those who are close to the woodlands and foothills, it will not be uncommon for them to encounter a fox. They will usually be wary on the presence of human but there are instances when they will choose to invade our dwelling especially if they are hungry. To avoid the risks related with them, you need to make sure that your premises will remain free from their activity.

Installing Provo Barriers

In case you notice a fox activity in your community and you want to keep them at bay, consider installing barriers. This will be effective in keeping your place safe from their invasion. A chain-link fence would be a good choice but it should be at least 6 feet in height. It also needs to be buried around a foot below the ground since fox are excellent diggers. To prevent the fox from building den in your garden or porch, a chicken wire can help you block their access.


While repellents may not work effectively against them, you may still attempt to use the repellents that are designed for the dogs. Fox has a strong olfactory nerve that helps them determine any human presence. They try to avoid human activities. To take advantage of this, you may use a sweaty shirt or hair. On the off chance that they are too persistent, creating loud sound may startle them. They may find it uncomfortable and they will decide to look for a better place to establish their den.

Removing the Attractants

The Utah fox will be attracted to the food source that is close to our property. It can be our garbage can, the compost pit, and the fallen fruit in our yard. By restricting their access or eliminating these food sources, you will be able to discourage them from denning in your property. If you have a chicken coop, be sure that you will keep it secured with a lock. You should also repair any part of the structure that has been damaged. Avoid leaving the pet food outside especially at night. Clear the fallen fruits. You should also get rid of the brush or wood piles that they can use to hide their presence.

Foxes will not usually carry rabies and pathogens but you should still make sure that your Provo house will remain free from their infestation. You can use some of the methods in this article but if it is not effective, it is time to hire the professionals. 

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